Football season is here!

If your husband is like mine, then he starts gearing up for football season in April when the NFL holds its 3-day draft. He watches footage on his favorite players and the draftees as everyone is in training camp, takes special notice of how these new players will work well with the veteran players, and he used to be on at least one or two Fantasy Football leagues…

or it might be that my husband is the only one like this……

So what is a girl to do?

I have two choices- sulk, sigh, pout, plan events on the days of his much-anticipated football related events and treat him and his hobby like they are worthless and foolish or….

I can join him!

That’s right, ladies! You heard me!

Join him!

Usually, I sit with him (or do something in the living room where our main TV is) during the 3 days of the NFL draft. The back stories of the players and the red carpet walk get me every time, and I cry along with them when their lives change because of one phone call.

I used to help him host the Fantasy Draft at our home every year. Watching our dining room and living room turn into a war room for 4 hours was an absolute blast. Picking up the pizza and helping with the flow chart had been my job since I was pregnant with Addie 16 years ago.

Finding the dates for the free evening practices at Raymond James Stadium so we could go as a family (all of us sporting our Tampa Bay Buccaneers colors) was the highlight of my summer.

I do my best to watch the games when I am can, or I give him the time and space to watch without interruption.

We watch the “big game” together, whether our team is there or not.

Since my husband has run fantasy football leagues in the past, I joined all female league to get me a little more vested in the games.



Oh, darling! What a fabulous question!


……this is the one thing that my husband enjoys as a hobby (and believe me, there are worse things out there that he could be involved in).

……he is self-sacrificing for his family and only asks for the 16 games in the fall to enjoy (5 months of football season….. only Sundays…… some Monday nights…… occasionally Thursday nights….. but at least he is home!)

……I love him, and I want him to know that I love every aspect of him (he is absolutely brilliant and has such a sports mind. He amazes me!)

There are other ways to make football season memorable and fun for you and your honey. If you have never been there, check out the Dating Divas website. It’s full of wonderful ideas for keeping you close during football season.

Make this his best football season ever.

He will thank you for it.

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  1. That’s why we Love You so much!

  2. Great post! All guys want a “buddy” and how wonderful if that buddy can be their wife!

    1. Tonight, Lord willing, we will be cheering for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers together in their first pre-season game! Go Bucs!

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