Here in Florida there doesn’t seem to be a change in the seasons. We go from hot to hotter, back down to hot, with a two-week cold snap, and then start all over again.

The lack of change in season can become draining, and we desperately look forward to the change of weather, be it ever so short.

Life has seasons, too.

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When we are new moms, there is the season of long nights with no sleep, and long days with no naps.

As our children grow we move into the “no no” season, the potty training season, and the season of education.

Our children get involved in sports or other extra curricular activities and we say, “It’s football season”, “soccer season”, or “baseball season”, knowing that this activity will only last for a short time and then our schedule will change to make room for other things and activities.

When a young mother recently needed encouragement to get through the sleepless nights of her 3 month old, the resounding response from her mom friends was, “Don’t worry… this season will be over soon.”

It seems so normal to expect certain activities to last for a season, and to encourage other moms that they will survive the season they are living in right now. Yet as mothers, whose children and families are growing and living units, we need to allow ourselves the freedom to accept the seasons of things that will come and go.

Friendships and relationships change because of different seasons in life.

Our ability to serve or volunteer changes because we have reached a new season.

The way we mother changes as we and our children move from season to season.

And it is all good.

We love the way a tree flourishes with the new green buds in the spring. The colors are so vibrant and lush and just screams with new life.

In the summer, we are thankful for the large leaves that rustle and shade us from the heat of the sun.

In the fall, we smile as the leaves change color and fall, creating endless activities for our families to enjoy together.

In the winter, the leaves are no longer on the trees, but we are okay with that. We find ways to turn the barren beauty of the trees into an awe inspiring landscape that warms the heart.

If we look at our lives as mothers the way we look at the trees in each season, the seasons of our lives will hold more meaning and add greater beauty to us and our families.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 says, “He hath made every thing beautiful in his time:”

As we turn our homes over to Jesus, and rest in the changing seasons He brings into our lives, He will cause each season or time to hold beauty for us and our families.

Enjoy the seasons.

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