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On December 1, an adorable little monkey will begin creating quite a stir in our home!

Who is this little Monkey?

His real name is Melchior Noel Yule, but he prefers being called Melk the Christmas Monkey. Melk’s mission in life is to tell children all about God and His great love for us.


Unlike other monkeys, Melk is nocturnal, so he is awake while your children sleep. When they wake up, your little ones will find out what Melk has been up to! He is never mischievous, but he is always involved in some kind of activity that your children can join in when they find him.

From making paper chains and gingerbread houses to taking family photos and making tree toppers, Melk engages your children in activities which ultimately teach them about the character of God.

Some reasons I prefer Melk as a daily Christmas visitor…


I love Christmas, but sometimes, the act of preparing so many different activities can become overwhelming. Melk is our only daily activity for Christmastime. Katie Hornor (the author of Putting on the Spirit devotional and the book In Spite of Myself) has already done all of the planning. All I have to do is follow her directions. She has given a list of what is needed, links to the downloads of the crafts suggested, and what activity Melk should be working on when the children find him in the morning.

I appreciate that Melk is never found getting into mischief. He is always doing something sweet, fun, productive, or enjoying Christmas with the innocent wonder of a child (like the mornings my children have found him sleeping under the tree).

Rather than being someone who reports back to Santa about how the children are behaving, Melk points children to God and explains Biblical truths in easy-to-understand ways.

I also love that as my children have grown (15 and 12 years old now), not only have they not outgrown our sweet little friend, but they look forward to the lesson Melk now teaches them. I have adjusted the lesson and created my own as they have matured, but there are some activities that the kids don’t want changed- candy cane hunts, celebrating the first frost of the season (a huge deal here in Florida), and making gingerbread houses.

Melk, the Christmas Monkey: Teaching God’s Character through Bible Lessons and Activities the Entire Family Can Enjoy is available through Amazon as a paperback book or Kindle edition. (Note: The actual monkey is not part of your purchase. The monkey I purchased several years ago is no longer available, but you can find a similar monkey here.)

This year, you can follow our family’s Melk adventure on Instagram.

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  1. Oh, how cool! A good influence, that’s fun And points to God!

    1. Yes! He’s been our Christmas friend for 3 years now 🙂

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