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Here in Florida, the weather gives us a little bit of a tease of fall once mid-October comes. The mornings are cool until about 8:30 and the evenings become nice once the sun goes down.

Of course, because the weather doesn’t help Floridians “feel” fall, we have to resort to making our homes resemble what those of us who grew up in the northern states remember fall being like.

As a family we celebrate fall (a season that God created) and Thanksgiving (a holiday remembering God’s goodness to the Pilgrims who came to America seeking religious freedom), so all of our décor reflects that.

As much as I love decorating for fall, I don’t like clutter or spending a lot of money on seasonal decor. My husband has a saying that he uses a lot- “Less is more.” He’s right. Fewer decorative items can make a huge impact.

As you read this post, please know, most of our decorations have been used and reused for 15 years or more. Because they are only being used for two months out of the year, they stay in great condition and don’t need to be replaced often.

Fall Leaf Garland and Decorative Grapevine Balls


About 10 years ago, I purchased 2 fall leaf garlands at Walmart for $2.97 a piece. I took the garlands, cut them into smaller lengths, and used them around the living and dining rooms. 

The grapevine balls were purchased years ago as a $5 bag for everyday decor. Next to the fall colored leaves, they look like they were specifically purchased for the season.  

You know the fall pictures you have taken in past years? Pick a couple of favorites, print them out, and put them into frames. Bonus: I’ve had these frames for year. I just painted them with acrylic paint to better match my decor. 

(In the above photo, the only truly seasonal items are the fall leaves. Everything else is part of our regular decor… including the photos.)



Our first fall married (almost 20 years ago!), we went to a craft fair, and these little pilgrims and turkeys started calling my name! Okay, well not really calling my name, but aren’t they the cutest? They were the very first fall/Thanksgiving decorations we purchased for our home, and this cute couple has celebrated the season with us every year since.  

But you don’t need specifically seasonal candlesticks. I have several kinds of candlesticks (like these) that I incorporate into other decorative vignettes (see photos below).

(In the above photo, the only seasonal items are the painted Dollar Tree pumpkins, fall leaf garland pieces, and the candlesticks.)

Dollar Tree or Five Below Pumpkins

Fall decor

Fall is the season of pumpkins, but finding nice decorative ones for a reasonable price is quite the challenge. Enter Dollar Tree and Five Below! Just add some acrylic paint to the Dollar Tree pumpkins, add some stray fall leaves to the tops, and these pumpkins are good to go. Or you can use the Five Below pumpkins “as is” (above), for a sweet fall accent.

(In the above photo, the only seasonal items are the pumpkins, the florals, burlap runner, and the rose gold spray painted vase that was repurposed. Everything else is part of our regular decor.)

Repurpose Your Existing Decor

fall decor

Can you guess which parts of this vignette are actual seasonal decor and what is everyday decor?
The fall leaves, garland on the candlesticks, and the floral picks in the vase… that’s it! The floral picks and candle stick garlands are from the Dollar Tree. The leaf garland was from Michael’s during the after fall/Thanksgiving seasonal clearance several years ago.  Everything else is part of our normal decor. The ivy garland with the lights are usually on the fireplace in the living room, but I transfer them here in the fall. It will stay here until January.

Keeping your fall decor simple and as an accent to what you already have means that storage is not an issue. Our fall decor fits into one large Rubbermaid container that easily fits into the attic. 

Simple, inexpensive decor can be beautiful. Let the decor enhance the season in your home. When your decorating is complete and your home has that sweet, cozy, autumn feel to it, curl up with a cup of coffee and fall-flavored creamer, and admire the fruits of your labor.

fall decorations

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