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Raising children is an enormous responsibility.

There are books a million on how to raise them, methods that may or may not work, milestones that must be achieved, and activities we feel are necessities in the hopes that we have done everything we can to give our kids the best childhood experience and the best advantages for their future.

Yet so many times we forget the one thing that will do the most good. The one thing that doesn’t cost a dime, but the investment brings back a huge return. It’s the one thing we are all capable of doing regardless of income or status.


I can remember my mother taking her Bible with her into her bedroom in the middle of the day, locking the door behind her, and hearing her pray for her marriage, daughters, family, and situations in her life. She would spend time crying before the Lord, pouring herself out before him, and then emerge with a confidence that her Lord had all of her most loved people and her deepest concerns in His hands.


Between homeschooling us, helping our father in his ministry, assisting him in counseling others, leading a weekly women’s Bible study, discipling women individually in our home, and being a wife and mother, one would wonder how she had the time to stop in the midst of the busyness to pray.

“If you are too busy to pray, you are busier than God wants you to be.” -Wanda E. Brunstetter

But prayer, communication with God, was a priority to her. In retrospect, I doubt she would have been able to accomplish all she did in her days if she didn’t take the time to stop and pray. And I am so eternally thankful that she did.

With every prayer, she prayed for…


…our future husbands when we were single.

…my marriage after my wedding.

…God’s direction in my life.


I cannot say that I stop in the middle of my day like she did, but because of her example, I find myself in constant communication with the Lord.

While I’m folding laundry, washing dishes, cooking dinner, cleaning a bathroom, or even showering, I tell God everything about my day, children, husband, responsibilities and life. He already knows about all of it, but verbally talking to Him takes the heaviness of responsibility off of my shoulders and places them into His more capable hands.

As I pray for my children specifically, the following has become the prayer of my heart. I don’t want to leave their futures to chance. Instead, I prayerfully lay their futures at His feet as I take them to Him daily.

I pray that…

…you grow to follow the Lord… and that I am a good example to you both.

…you come to know the Lord personally and that you ask Jesus into your heart at an early age.

…God always pours His blessings upon you and grants you favor in everything you do.

…you become like Joseph, full of integrity and everything you touch will be blessed.

…you are like Abraham and are considered a friend of God.

…you are like Daniel, displaying wisdom and courage in every situation.

…you are like David, and become a woman and man after God’s own heart.

…you are like Esther and find favor with those in authority over you and that you do great things one day.

I pray that…

…you are like Moses, great leaders and yet known as the humblest of all.

…you can make a request like Jabez and that God will grant you what you request.

…God covers you with His hand, hedge, and shield of protection at all times.

…your hearts always be softened to the Lord and that you are always able to hear His voice.

…the voices of God and your parents are heard louder than the voices of those around you who may speak negatively in your direction.

…you grow up to be like Jesus- kind, compassionate, wise, gentle, ready to give an answer, pure, in a deep relationship with our Heavenly Father- and that you grow in wisdom, stature, and in favor with God and man.

This is my heart’s greatest prayer.

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