Purposeful Moms… Wow! What a title.

To be completely honest with you, the thought of guest posting on a blog by the name “Purposeful Moms” was a bit scary for me.

Would writing for this blog mean I would be putting myself out there as a perfect mom? A better mom than everyone else? A mom who had all the answers about parenting?

I sure hope NOT! Whoa, Buddy…. If those were the qualifications, I would shut my computer down right now…!


(Ok. Imagine yourself now sitting in silence as my computer screen goes black and the clicking of the keys stops….Yes, and even more, hear me moan as I fall to the ground in utter dismay that I don’t meet any of those qualifications.)

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“Wait a minute, though!” I jolt as my thoughts are interrupted. “No, of course, that’s not the intent or direction of this blog!”

With renewed energy, I throw my shoulders back, dust off my favorite workout pants, raise my fist in triumph….And once again power up my computer. Yes, Friends, I can actually do this! (Okay, okay… So, I didn’t really fall on the floor. But you get where I’m going with this…)

What if being a purposeful mom is not as complicated and impossible as that?

What if it’s just about my willingness to follow God’s leading in my life, as He teaches me how to be a better mom to my son, a better wife to my husband, a better friend to those around me, and most importantly a better follower of Jesus.

What if it’s not necessarily about showing you “what to do“, but simply sharing with you how God is working in me…. to help me become more intentional and focused in my daily life?

And what if… maybe in the process, I can extend some encouragement to other moms along the way, and pass along some ideas and thoughts that I have found helpful in my own journey?


I’m still a work in progress as a wife, a mom….and a woman in general. And I daily need the wisdom and love of Jesus to guide me… to transform me… to help me have the kinds of attitudes and actions that will cause Him to shine more and more in my life and, in turn, help me to be more of a blessing to those around me.

To me, that’s what being a purposeful mom looks like…. not simply going through the motions or even striving in my own efforts to be a “perfect” mom. (That can actually be quite frustrating and exhausting.)

Instead, it’s about me allowing God to teach me and work in my heart, as He helps me live and love more genuinely and intentionally, so that I can reflect His heart more and more to those around me.

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